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This was a fun exersice! First I drew the picture of the kameleont upside down and the second time the right way to open up my right side of the brain.




Oh yes –  I do find it hard to get the shadows right! One must practise, practise and practise 🙂

Shadow Shadow Shadow


After a break called no inspiration its time to start to post on my art blog again so here we go 🙂

Three-dimensional blocks in white and grey.




Working with perspectives. Not easy!

Room Floor road



My first every street corner. Hopefully not the last 🙂




This is hysterically funny 🙂 ! My first ever sketches of a person made in Berlin.

Chris Chris



Some more pots made with my right and left hand to practise to work with both hands.

Pot Pot Pot



I treated myself to some new art-material yesterday 🙂

Art material

Now I just need the inspiration for painting back again.


Nice to summarys all the work from the course!

Faces and body


Drawing technique

Bottles and glassStill lifeStill life